Waterpik EcoFlow Shower Head Review


I love taking hot showers at night when all my kids go to bed and to be honest I like taking long showers.  It is my time to relax and have some peace and quiet after a long day.  I also realize I am wasting a lot of water. I tell my kids to turn … [Read more...]

Pipila Pacifier Sterilizer


As a mom, one of the biggest fears I have is one of my children getting sick.  Each year, we go through the standard precautions trying to keep the flu, stomach bugs, and other nasties, at bay.  As you can imagine, with three kids, ages five and … [Read more...]

How does Walt Disney World help the environment?

day3chimpanzee 130

I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Beth Stevens who is the Senior Vice President of Corporate Citizenship Environment and Conservation for The Walt Disney Company.  Dr. Stevens has been with the company for 16 years starting out at the Animal … [Read more...]

BambooWare | Disposable Bamboo Products


Paper or plastic?  How about Bamboo?!  BambooWare is one of those great companies that I met at the ASI Trade Show.  Since bamboo grows at an amazing rate it is a great product to use in creating products that could otherwise just be thrown … [Read more...]

Conscious Box | Eco-friendly gifts


Are you in search of a gift yet have no clue what you're looking for?  We all have that hard to buy for person.  The Conscious Box is a great concept either for gift-giving or a special treat for yourself. Sustainable products are hand-picked, … [Read more...]

Eco Lips Organic Lip Balm


Eco Lips was definitely a great stocking stuffer for my children and myself. They go beyond that. Winter time brings chapped lips, especially for my girls. It gives me peace knowing that what they are putting on their lips isn't harmful. Honest … [Read more...]

Flavrz | Organic Drink Mix


I have been on a water kick, but honestly sometimes it gets pretty boring. I was excited to find Flavrz. Flavrz is an organic drink mix that you simply add to your water. The Triple Berry has been a favorite in our house. Even my children love … [Read more...]

Red Envelope | Personalized Cutting Board


You have more than likely received a Red Envelope magazine in your mailbox at one point in time.  If you haven't then you're in luck.  You can check out all their amazing offers online.  Right now they have a great section for holiday gift ideas. … [Read more...]

Makedo | Recycling Craft Projects


I love recycling and my kids love crafts. Perfect combination when you have Makedo! The Makedo kits are used to create recyclable craft projects. They provide the tools to cut cardboard and all the fastening pieces to create a wonderful … [Read more...]

3M | Post-It, Scotch and Command


3M has a huge line of products that make functioning around a home so much easier. I received a great collection of products from cleaning supplies to gifts. The Post-it apple pop-up note dispenser is perfect for Christmas or end of year … [Read more...]