Yummy Cookies and Cupcakes created by Cookie Designs by Stacie

Planning a birthday party or special event can be fun or stressful.  I have had many years of experience of party planning and this year I got smart.  I wanted to focus more on the decorations for the birthday then on baking.  I got in touch with my new friend Stacie at Cookie Designs by Stacie and I immediately loved how excited she was when I told her it was a bubble gum themed birthday.

Stacie sent over some designs and started her brainstorming.  I sighed of relief when I saw that her company tagline is “Keep Calm, Bake On”.  She was baking and I was calm! Yes!  Party day was nearing.  I had no clue what to expect as far as what the cupcakes and cookies were going to look like.  I had seen many of Stacie’s finished products through friends, but still, I am a mom who wants the best for my daughter.

Cookie and cupcake delivery day was finally here!  The packaging and presentation alone made my jaw drop.  For a product that was just going to be taken out of the package and displayed – I felt like I was doing something wrong.  The cupcakes were nestled neatly in their large chocolate brown box adorned with Happy Birthday ribbon.  The cookies rested on a golden platter and were wrapped in party cellophane and tied with ribbon.  Stacie cared enough about her product (and me – her customer) to pay attention to the tiny details such as the packaging.

Now what we have all been waiting for.  It looks good from the outside, but how’s the inside?  Do they taste as good as they look?  Yes!  The cookies were brightly decorated with frosting and tiny little frosting gumballs adorned the top.  They looked and tasted amazing.


The cupcakes were yummy to the core!  Stacie made a strawberry cupcake and inserted a strawberry marshmallow inside for a fun surprise.  Strawberry icing and sprinkles topped it off.  The finishing touch was a Blow Pop on top.  Why a Blow Pop..well there’s gum inside and remember it’s a gum themed party!


I highly recommend you using Cookie Designs by Stacie if you are in the Volusia County area!







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