Spice racks and cabinet organizing

Just the other day I was doing some spring cleaning and trying to make room and organize my kitchen cabinets. I still have the rotating spice rack that I have had since I was married 8 years ago. It was a wedding gift. Spices are something we all use on an almost daily basis. Although cooking, isn’t something I do as often as I should, when I do I almost always add spices. It is something that is always on hand in my cabinet above my stove.
I think it is time I invest in a new spice rack. My current one has lasted me a long time and now it just takes up too much space in my cabinet. I have to make room for things I use more frequently. I have my eye on the cabinet mount type that attaches to the inside of the cabinet door as not to take up any of your shelf space.  The wall spice rack is also great becasue it can be right near your stove so everything is only a small reach away.  Purging unused items out of my kitchen cabinets has made for a more organized kitchen. Now hopefully, when I need something I will find it without having to move and look behind other stacked items. I plan on looking at kitchen spice racks a little more and finding the perfect one to give me much needed space!

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