SMITTY DVD Review | Dove Family Approved

SMITTY is definitely a family friendly movie and Dove Family Approved. What a better review then from the children themselves. So here is the movie review from my 9 year old.

“It is about a sassy boy who hates his dog and his grandpa. And he only has 3 months to dig up a tree.”

Um…really, that’s what she got out of it? After further prodding she said she really liked the movie and would definitely watch it again.

What did my 4 year old come away with? ¬†”The boy said stupid and that he hates his dog! ¬†Then he said he was sorry because he left him out in the rain and thunder and lightning.” Then she summarized by saying “he really needs to be nice to his dog.” Love it!




  1. I’m sure my kids would love this movie!

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