Boggy Creek Airboat Tour | #visitkissimmee

When I first heard that an airboat ride was going to be a part of our #disneyglobalevent weekend I was not too thrilled. I am not a huge fan of water…or boats…or alligators. Thursday afternoon our Pegasus Tour Bus took us to Boggy Creek Airboat Rides.  My nerves were heightened for the entire drive over.  Thankfully we were able to eat first and food always comforts me.  We ate onsite at the East Lake Fish Camp restaurant and were treated to alligator bites.  Yummy!  Leslie, the Director Marketing said that they taste like a mix between fried calamari and chicken..I definitely agree. I had the chicken philly which was recommended by our server which was a great choice.

Nerves mounting again.  The first group was taken out to their boat (of course I didn’t volunteer for that group).  Leslie assured me that they have been around for 18 years and they are the largest Coast Guard approved airboat team in the United States.  I guess that has to stand for something.  It’s now my groups turn.  Cry? Vomit? Go sit on the bus?  I gathered myself and walked to the dock.  I knew that my oldest daughter would question me and how could I say I was too scared to a 9 year old.

Headphones on…time to pose for a quick picture in my awesome Tea Collection top (hey – these are truly things that are settling my stomach at the moment).

Off we go.  I was sandwiched between my sister and another friend and sat in the middle row of the boat.  I observed where all the life jackets were.  I’m good to go.  Our tour guide started off nice and gently. Hello?! Why are we going through the high grass when there’s a perfectly good path down the middle of the lake?!  I think he’s testing me.  Yes, there were alligators.  Cute little babies which means there’s a momma and our guide made sure to find her.  I preferred the beautiful birds – above water.  It was hilarious to meet up with our other half of bloggers in the middle of the lake…it was definitely a great photo opp.


I made it! Back to dry land and in one piece!  Did I enjoy it?  Well…….  I didn’t care for the higher speeds and sideways driving, but it was definitely an experience that I’m glad I didn’t pass up.  Would I do it again?  Only if my children really wanted to do it (without my prompting).  They have had riders as young as 6 months aboard (which they told me after-the-fact) so it’s obviously a safe ride.

There are a lot of covered areas and I liked the checker board set up on a picnic table.  You can literally spend the whole day at Boggy Creek Airboat Rides.  After we “landed” we even had the chance to learn about alligators and hold a baby gator.

So, the next time you are looking for a local Central Florida attraction skip the theme parks and head into nature.  Rent a tiny cabin on property and have a great family adventure outdoors!


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