Blogmania 2011 ~ Melissa And Doug ~ Review & Giveaway

My second feature for Blogmania 2011 is Melissa & Doug. With the name Melissa & Doug you can expect nothing less than quality. My youngest received an adorable collection from Melissa & Doug’s Sunny Patch Outdoor collection. Rain boots, rain jacket and umbrella in the cheerful Mollie & Bollie design. Thankfully it was a rainy day. In about 10 minutes of opening the package Paige was decked out in her rain gear! I love that the umbrella is made for the younger folks, but it actually covers them (unlike other toddler umbrellas). The boots have loops on the side so she can pull them on herself with ease and the jacket is a great longer length! I’m definitely pleased!! You have the chance to win a Sunny Patch Rain Gear Prize Pack that includes (boy or girl) Rain Coat, Rain Boots, & Matching Umbrella, and an assortment of Sunny Patch outdoor prizes. Since this is part of Blogmania 2011 if you win this prize pack you’ll also win the Gummy Lump prize pack!! All comments will be combined into one database. You are able to pre-do some entries and they will added to the official database. Remember to come back and enter the main event April 9 to April 11 or these extra entries won’t count. Leave a comment for each entry. Become a Facebook Fan of Melissa & Doug Follow Melissa & Doug on Twitter Follow Melissa & Doug’s Blog

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I received the above mentioned products at no cost.


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